Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Municipal elections

Obviously I am going to vote but I have no effing clue who deserves to be elected mayor. All the candidates uh how do I say this nicely, don't fucking know what to do. First of all, Ford is RIDICULOUS. No comment on Smitherman - actually I've got MANY comments on this guy but it would be nicer of me to keep them to myself. No honestly though, remember that article in The Star weeks ago where he was seen "enjoying the beautiful Toronto". Those pictures were as douchebaggy as they could ever get. Drinking from a fountain and pretending to actually give a shit. LIKE NO. I met the guy in person at an event a couple of weeks ago, he told me to vote for him and handed me a brochure. Haha, HELL NOOO. Threw away that brochure the minute I got it. I went through it and there were pictures of Black people, Asian people, White people, ALL KINDS OF RACES. It's so fucking ridiculous. Just to show that he's a people person and loves them in all colours. How freaking annoying. Oh and he wants to build a francophone neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. Okay that would be nice for us francophone people but is it really a priority right now??? What about the amount of debt the city is in? THINK BEFORE PLANNING YOUR PROJECTS. Some things we can live without you know? Like I've only been in Toronto for eight years... There are other people who have lived here their whole life and I'm sure they can live without whatever the hell you want to expand and shit. WHY should we spend MORE money??? And removing taxes? REALLY? Why were they put into action those taxes in the first place?! BECAUSE THE CITY NEEDS THE FUCKING MONEY!!!! THAT'S WHY.
To Thompson: LOL You are now "supporting" Smitherman because no body fucking supported you. First you were all, yeah Rossi!!! 'cause Smitherman doesn't know shit but then God knows why, you're all "SMITHERMAN!!!!!" WHAT THE FUCKKKK.
And you're all a bunch of little girls. When it comes to your campaign all you do is bash your opponents. Are you really that insecure?!? Grow some balls. How professional though, really, very professional.
If only politicians were honest people, I would definitely give them the benefit of the doubt.

So when October 25 arrives upon us, think rigorously about who you're voting for.

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