Saturday, October 23, 2010

in short

i. I love having intensely long conversations with people I just met. It feels like we've known each for ages when in reality we literally were strangers minutes ago. No long awkward pauses or one word responses.
ii. I blew the remaining $15.81 on my ESPRIT gift card. Goodbye $500 : ( You gave me two sweaters and two bags. A sweater for my maman and a t-shirt for my popo. That's pretty good, I suppose. I had no idea that ESPRIT was that ridiculously expensive.
iii. So I waited three fucking hours on Thursday for an INFORMATION SESSION. Not a fucking workshop. On the flyers, it was written WORKSHOP. The workshops are in January. WHAT. THE. HELL.
iv. 2210 is gonna be the death of me. Our prof told us to aim for a C+. Are we all really failing that badly? As long as we're on the same boat...
v, NATS test on Monday. Definitely going to ace that one!!!
vi. Tatted boy in combat boots and white t-shirt, um, helloooo.
vii. I want combat/military inspired boots. Speaking of boots, I wore my UGGS three times already. I always always always thought that they were ugly. But mine aren't that bad... they're sort of aztec-y. I think I'm going to add beading and feathers. Hahaha. They were a gift and they were expensive and bought in Australia. :) Ergo, I should be thankful and just wear them. Haha. At least they're warm.

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