Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm looking at you, you're lookin at me.
Seconds seem days.
You wear a smile, so delicately
all in your gaze.
What you do to me, I just can't explain.
Words cannot say.
I'm looking at you, you're lookin at me
then you look away from me.

Studying, taking notes for my 2210 midterm this friday.
Bon Iver's daytrotter session playing in the background. Justin Vernon, you're amazing.
Autumn has painted the sidewalks with dead, brittle leaves. Trees are constantly shaking off their branches. The air could not be any more refreshing. And the campus is ridiculously beautiful. Looking out the window of a classroom and all you see are rich reds, saturated oranges, deep browns.
I'm beginning to appreciate Fall.

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