Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Philosophie class was hilarious and insightful today. Mr Moyel is the best!!! He almost went ape shit today!!! Hahaha. We were talking about how birth is accidental, as in being born in a royal, rich, poor, middle class, or whatever class family. And then one of the students proceeded with the following argument: Birth is not accidental. All births are planned. And then of course, another student retorted with: Are you sure ALL births are planned? What about teenage pregnancy. Other student: Yeah, they are.
It was ridiculous. It had no relevance to what we were talking about. Haha he couldn't take it, he had to bow his head in shame on their behalf.

But anyway, if you couldn't tell by my overusage of exclamation marks, I am so happy because I reached the 8 page mark for my paper!!! At least it REACHED the eighth page... I'll probably add more tomorrow when I re-re-re-revise it once more.
So, I believe that the Lords of Swift and Amazing Paper writing have answered my prayers and granted me with the powers of swift 8 page paper writing :)

FOR REAL THOUGH, because yesterday I had six pages done and I was DONE. I had nothing else to say or add or elaborate or repeat. If you read my paper, first, I don't think you'd want to even finish reading it, that's not the point, you'd be like, "Is this chick intelligent? She's just repeating herself, over, and over, and over again in various ways." Why? Because almost every sentence needs justification and excellent reasoning.

Why did I take this course again? Oh yeah, I love philosophy.

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