Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bill O'Reilly

Shut the fuck up.
"Because muslims killed people on 9/11!"
Are we even sure that "muslims" did this? You don't have real fucking proof.
There is a huge distinction between an extremist and a religion. So don't be a freaking dumbass and generalize shit.
And your "apology" was obviously not genuine. You just wanted to cover your tracks 'cause the whole freaking nation just witnessed how ignorant you are.
And oh my gosh, blondie SHUT. UP.

By the way, a mosque can be built wherever. Everyone is entitled to their own religion. I bet if it was a church being built, you wouldn't have a problem with that now, would you O'Reilly? (AND IT'S NOT EVEN A MOSQUE THAT'S BEING BUILT, IT'S A FREAKING COMMUNITY CENTRE)
And yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in your case, it's ignorant and disrespectful.
What if I said white people caused the freaking Holocaust? And then proceeded with a conclusion that all white people were Nazis? THEN WHAT.

Oh and okay, maybe you did say the "Japanese" bombed the U.S. But when you were saying "Japanese" you knew you were referring to the Japanese military. BUT when you're saying that the "muslims attacked us on 9/11" you're indicating Islam, the religion and all its practitioners. It's a whole different situation there, Billy boy.

But hey, I guess maybe you have a racist bone in your body or you're already thoroughly convinced brainwashed by Bush's government.

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