Monday, March 21, 2011

Right now:

* Who knew "May Rush" would come back to haunt me.
If I survived 4 years, I can survive another four. (Aah good times... only now when reflecting upon it. But to live it again? Ja'right.)
* What would have been a lonely bus ride to class turned into an unexpected encounter with someone.
* Spring, get rid of your wind and grey skies. Let's see the sun and clear blue skies. Please. But birds, keep on chirping. I've missed ya.
* Yay for all-white outfits! White jeans, white sneakers, white tee. Only to make my already pale complexion stand out even MORE. Hahaha.
* I forgot how much I loathed taking the bus with other high school kids on. Not fun. At all.
* KID, next time say something. I don't bite ya know.
* I have so much shit to do. To study. To read. To write. I have yet to apply for my program for next year. WHY wasn't I informed that we could have taken that stupid "entrance exam" throughout the entire year.
Let's finish first year, please.

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