Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letters to old friends

I was going through some of my things today. I came across old cards and letters that were meant for old friends. And not a single sense of regret came flashing at me. Not even one.

Does that mean I'm over everything?
I think so. It's time to move forward.

x thank you for nearly six years of friendship. They were great, weren't they? Remember that camp trip? Remember the pictures? Remember the concert? Remember the talks we had? And the talks we never had? I wish we were more open with each other. I hope you're doing fine. I hope you've figured out what it is you want to do. And most importantly, I hope you're happy.
y thank you for three years of friendship. We had lots to talk about, lots to laugh about and lots to complain about. We went through a lot together. Maybe the last few months we shared weren't all that great, I am still thankful for you. I know you wanted to let me go as soon as we raced out those doors to move onto other things. It's understandable. Actually, not quite. But in a way, I get it.
a, b, c and d thank you for four years of friendship. Too bad we didn't leave it at a good note.
z thank you for those pre-high school days which I will forever cherish: the laughing about the stupidest things, the joking around (the lame jokes), the ranting, the making fun of teachers, the everything.

If you read this and think it's about you. Well, you're probably right.

Time to go.

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