Friday, March 18, 2011


Name: Tatiana Marie Véronique [insert three Chinese surnames here]. I have a long last name that consists of three different names. Yeah. As if one wasn't enough.

Birthday: May 26th, 1992

Birthplace: The beautiful and sunny island of Mauritius.

Current Location: Toronto, ON

Eye Colour: Muddy brown with a mix of muddy green. I don't even know.

Hair Colour: Dark brown with no light. And brown with sunlight.

Height: 5'6"

Left Handed or Right handed: Lefty! I can, however, cut with my right hand :)

Your Heritage: Mauritian (of Chinese descent and 1/8 Créole/Black - Yeah, I got some African in me! :D )

Your Best Physical Feature: I like my lips. Full enough but no gigantic. Great for lipstick, ya know.

Your Fears: They are the typical - being a letdown and a disappointment. Failing. And losing any one in my family. Being let down by someone else. Someone giving up on me. Let's be honest, it's happened before and I'm so fucking tired of that bullshit.

Are you Confident: I used to be extremely socially awkward. And now I think I've changed. It must be the fact that I am growing older or I got over the phase of the whole reserve introvert facade. So yes, I would say I am confident.

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Finish my first year with a decent GPA so I can get a decent scholarship. AND be accepted into the Translation program. And of course, be hired this summer. PLEASE! :)

Your Most Overused Phrase: WHAAT?! NO! (Yeah... that's pretty much what I say..)

What or Who Makes Life Worth Living: The people I live with. My family. Especially my grandparents. I love them.

Do you Think you are Smart: Yes.

What grade are you in: First year university. Almost done! I CAN'T WAIT.

Have you ever been Suspended: Naaw.

Do you have any Pets: A dirty white and dark gray Holland Lop named Bunbun. She's a cutie.

What’s your relationship status: Single.

Favorite Store: H&M, UO, Zara

Favorite Food: Greek, italian

Favorite Rapper/Singer: Singer, I'd say Justin Vernon.

Favorite Movies: I just watched Whip It recently. And loved it!!!

Favorite Color: Mint (the seafoam green)

Favorite Drink: Water, tea and Taro bubble tea.

Favorite Word(s): Pier, boots... Haha.


gabriella said...

thanks for posting this! it's always so exciting to get a different sort of peek into people's lives!

Tatiana Marie said...

And thanks for posting yours!