Monday, March 28, 2011

5/100 facts

1. I am 1/8 Mauritian Créole (Black) since my dad is a quarter (+ the rest, Chinese-mauritian) and my mom is 100% Chinese-mauritian, I guess this makes me 7/8 Chinese-mauritian and 1/8 Créole. However, I didn't inherit a nice tan... Pale as snow and the odd one in the family. :(
2. I'm very anti-Blackberry, anti-Facebook, anti-Twitter, anti-eReader, anti-anything-new-technology-etc. I'd prefer a phone call over a text any given day. I'd prefer face-to-face conversation over "Facebook" wall messages ANY day. I prefer smelling a book than reading it on a tablet. I'm tired of people relying on a piece of metal and always having the need to hold on to it every freaking second. F*CK BBMS. I'm tired of people wasting their time on Facebook and turning into stalkers with the need to know everything that is going on in other people's lives. (The number one reason why I deactivated my Facebook more than a year ago.) And I was fed up with pictures of drunk parties and rolling up joints. Extremely unnecessary. I mean come on, if we didn't have Facebook would you have shown the world those pictures? Hm yeah, by wearing it around your neck like à la Flavor Flave?
3. I could go to any Starbucks, to just sit down and breathe in the scent of coffee. Delicious.
4. My grandparents are my world and my everything. I love them both to death.
5. I am trying to lose 30 pounds. And I am succeeding. I already lost 10lbs! So initially, it was 40 lbs to lose... According to my BMI, I am no longer "obese class 1" but just "overweight". Success :)

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