Saturday, July 3, 2010

two kids

With her head laid on his lap and the way he gently stroke her hair, what seemed like life appeared unfamiliar to her. Their growing minds were drowning in absolute silence. Him, concentrating on every strand of hair on her tiny head and the softness of her mane. The repetitive movement was soothing. As for her, she relished his company and mere existence.

For as long she can remember, she was accustomed to uncertainty and fear swallowing her every being. Although he hadn't spoken a word, she could hear his thoughts:
Everything will be alright because in this universe, at this very waking moment, it's just you and I against the world. I'm here with you and you're here with me. That's all that really matters.

As he kissed her forehead, she closed her soft eyes and smiled. Knowing that he was reliable and kind-hearted assured her that whatever this was, this thing, or out-of-this-world connection they shared was unquestionably earnest.

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