Monday, July 19, 2010

things left unsaid

For once, I don't want to be chasing people. I want to be chased.
I think the feeling would be nice.

So, fuck you if you've given up on me.
Fuck you for having no legitimate reason.
Fuck you for not caring as much as I did, because if you did, things wouldn't have turned out so ugly.
Fuck you for accusing me of something entirely fabricated in your head, because for your information, I did give a fuck and I wasn't saying shit just for the hell of it.
Fuck you for not having a single backbone in your body. You weakling piece of shit. Maybe you should try choosing your own actions instead of following other people's.
Fuck you for being ignorant.
And by pretending that I didn't exist when we were in the same perimeter just demonstrates how you all manage to act like a bunch of fifth graders. I'm sure you were shocked to see how well I was doing without you. It's called being independent, a thing you are not familiar with. Grow the fuck up.

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