Friday, July 2, 2010

in short

i. Enrollment appointment at Glendon. Bright and early at 8:45am! Six courses, let's go. I'm excited.
ii. "You're Mauritian aren't you?"
- "Yeah..."
~ "How do you know she is?"
"I just know.."
~ "Like by just looking at her...?"
"I saw her placement and then her last name. She's got three. So she's definitely Mauritian."
Haha. Highlight of my day. My YU card photo is sooooo bad...... oh well, stuck with it for another four.
iii. Congee Queen. Mmm turnips and chicken fried rice.
iv. We bought BunBun a harness and leash today. So I walked my rabbit like a dog. I cannot keep up with her. She cuuuuuute though.
v. Presently. Mood: Full and excited. Music: Shy - Ivory. Room/View: Bedroom/backyard. Next: Haagen Dasz ice cream.


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