Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yesterday I accidentally walked into a woman's baby stroller. By accident, I mean she ignored my existence and walked right into me which consequently caused one of my feet getting caught in the stroller. I'm assuming she has never learned the principle of letting people pass in front of you if needed and vice-versa. Anyway, I apologized, like I always do if I accidentally bump into another human being. She apparently didn't hear me. Instantly, she starts to cuss at me loudly for the whole store to hear what just happened. "You fucking people, say fucking sorry. Bump into somebody, say fucking sorry. Shit."
I obviously had to say something 'cause this bitch was making a huge scene for fucking nothing. She wanted an Oscar, so I said: "I did say sorry. SORRY. SORRY. SORRY."
"No you didn't fucking say sorry."
"Yes I did. You didn't hear me."
"Yo, you better stop fucking running your mouth eh? Or I will fucking do something." Along these lines. In other words, this woman was threatening me in H&M which is conveniently located nearby the mall police. I was like to myself, "Are you fucking serious right now? The police are right there and I have a store filled with people who can be witnesses. Dumbass."
She proceeds to the cashier to pay her purchases and the cashier lady is the same ethnicity as her and she's all fucking nice and shit to her. Unbelievable.

I brush it off. I pay for my purchases and before I leave, a woman, the same ethnicity as the previous one, pulls me aside and says: "I just want to congratulate you for standing up to her." And I said, "Thank you. It's not like I meant to walk into her stroller." And she says, "I know. It's just some people are ignorant. I just wanted to congratulate you. You did a good thing."

That woman made my whole day.

Let me just say this: slavery is done. It has been done for a long time. Sure racism is still an issue but does that mean that you will always live a life filled with anger and assumptions that the whole fucking world is against you? NO ONE will have pity for you because of that. Holding grudges will not be of any help either. My people also went through injustice. Anyone of different skin colour went through the same thing. What about the Jews who went through the fucking Holocaust? I'm not ignoring the fact that these unfortunate events took place. I'm saying that we should all move on. It's the past.

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