Thursday, September 16, 2010

you look like sunshine in the rain

i. Rain and Justin Vernon are made for each other.
ii. My philosophie prof is the best.
iii. Jeans and flannel and oxfords and in love with this combination for Fall.
iv. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected are back. My life is complete (again). BUG I WOULD MARRY YOU IN A HEARTBEAT. I've been a viewer/watcher since the very first episode has ever aired, for both shows. Just saying... that's dedication right there. Jamie is so cute. Chester and my rabbit should be friends.
v. Where my gift card at????? I WANT IT. NOW.
vi. Tu ne me déranges pas du tout.
vii. The white blinds in my room are looking great.
viii. My freaking Psychologie textbook not only weighs like a brick but costs so fucking much. WTF. Ridicule.
ix. Homework this weekend will consist of reading and taking notes and reading and notes and...

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