Wednesday, September 8, 2010

le monde nous appartient

i. Academic orientation is tomorrow. I am actually excited considering that high school is over, forever. I spent the "first day" of school doing essentially nothing. Ha. It felt great not having to wake up early and to wear the uniform and to walk those halls. This year, all of my courses are 100% in French. If you can't tell behind the computer screen, this girl is honestly freaking EXCITEDDD! I missed having a full French curriculum, like you dunnooo.
ii. After watching Julie & Julia, I've had this sudden urge to start cooking. Hmm, le beurre... (:
iii. Guess who won a gift card from Esprit? GUESS HOW MUCH THAT PERSON WON? 500 DOLLARS BITCHESSSSS! Can't wait to start wasting that free money. I've been wanting to buy more clothes for university. Thanks infinitely Vervegirl! After this weekend, everything seemed hopeless. (Not anymore!)
iv. ASH STYMEST & MUNRO CHAMBERS & JOHN O would make the best man ever not just physically but personality-wise as well, just sayin' :)
v. Traumatized but taking it one day at a time.
vi. Alright, I'm going to fix myself a cup of tea with a side of biscuits.

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