Monday, September 6, 2010

A message to a certain mother fucker

Maybe we weren't there to "welcome" you,
but here are a few kind words straight from the bottom of our hearts:

This is what I wish upon you:
I hope you get hit by a bus and die, like Regina George in Mean Girls;
I hope you choke on your own food and die;
I hope you injure yourself while running away from your own disgraceful faulty acts, by first, breaking your ankle, then falling flat on your ugly face, followed by a bloody nose and be blinded by a plethora of nails which happened to be conveniently laying there where you fell;
I hope you get caught by someone else and die;
I hope they catch your sorry skinny filthy disgusting ass;
I hope you rot and die in prison;
I hope you eat your own shit and die of diarrhea;
I hope you rot, burn and die in hell;
Better yet, I hope you die alone.

Karma will bite you hard in your ass until you bleed and die, you fucking creepy psychopathic deranged motherfucker. Like shit, we didn't invite you with a golden ticket. This was not Charlie's chocolate factory, dumb ass. I DUN GIVE A SHIT IF THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY. Everyone knows there are boundaries. What is mine, IS NOT YOURS. AND WILL NEVER BE. UNLESS A COCONUT HITS ME ON THE HEAD AND CAUSES ME TO OFFER YOUR GOODIES OF YOUR CHOICE. BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD, ASSHOLE. BY THE REAL WORLD, I MEAN THE FORTUNATE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN. YOU CAN WORK AT MCDONALD'S WITHOUT A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA ON A MINIMUM WAGE SALARY AND STILL BE ABLE TO LIVE ON YOUR OWN. SO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE. UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU, THAT'S SCRUBBING DIRTY FLOORS AND CLEANING SHIT-FILLED TOILETS. But wait, that's where your sorry ass belongs. SO, fuck your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, ancestors, because of them, you have been brought into this world.

The human race is capable of many things; to be extremely good or extremely bad. In this case, this motherfucker was messed up.

I have never, EVER, in this particular lifetime hated and despised with my every being ANOTHER human being who is a complete stranger (meaning, we have never met nor spoken) to me. I SHIT YOU NOT.

Because I am decent, good human being, I will leave this note/rant with this:
Have a great day filled with unfortunate events,
: )

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