Tuesday, September 21, 2010

summer in short

1. J's visit and shopping :)
2. Pool dipping and swimming all day e'rdayyy. Like literally, that one week in July when it was hot as hell, we were in the pool every single day. Like twice a day. Yay for chlorine skin.
3. The heavens have granted me my wish: I tanned. You thought this pale white skin China doll wouldn't ever achieve a sunkiss tan in her life on Earth. But she did! Tan lines, baby. Sunkiss skin. Yee'
4. Downtown hopping.
5. BBQ. Chowed down some nice grilled meat. EAT ME VEGANS!
6. Niagara Falls.
7. Collingwood, The Blue Mountains. Change of scenery. I loved being surrounded by mountains, great views, blue skies, and overall nice people and a plethora of hot guys.
8. Ate delicious homemade desserts and cakes. So freaking amazing and didn't gain weight :)
9. Centre Island
10. Ottawa/Montréal/Mont Ste. Anne
11. Waffle house eating.
12. Dyed my hair darker. Back to my original roots, baby.

Best summer so far. Just being surrounded by my family was great.

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