Friday, July 15, 2011

Three and a half days off from work did me some good. I went to Ottawa to visit my long time dearest friend, Julie. We explored downtown Ottawa (I was clearly the tourist and she was my private tour guide, literally as she is well informed specifically for work purposes), went on a free boat tour and spent a day at Calypso water park where I repeatedly tortured my poor heart. Needless to say, it was a great time! I miss her already. But hopefully our plans to go to New York City this upcoming Winter break will manifest itself!!!

I did do some shopping while I was there: maxi beige and grey striped skirt from Urban Behaviour $9.99, Zara white tee $9.99, Dream Catcher keychain $5, JOE Crochet top $19.99.

It's funny how all these stores are also found in Toronto... But whatever! :) I work hard for my money.

In the end, I got sun burned. I went on some scary ass water rides and I managed to put a brave face on. And I was without my eyes.... God knows I cannot see without my spectacles!

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