Sunday, June 26, 2011


I Am me: philosophaster, life and fashion enthusiast, lover of live and laughter, Tatiana.

I Want my paycheque(s)! Sunny days, clear blue skies and watermelon eating kind of weather. A Jeffrey Campbell footwear collection, an Alexander Wang bag collection, a Pamela Love jewelry collection, an H&M and Zara infested wardrobe.

I Have lost over 10 lbs, 3 inches off the waistline.

I Wish for love.

I Hate pesky ignorant people.

I Fear for a lot of things that I should not need to worry about.

I Hear the grownups conversing in the backyard.

I Search for love and happiness and satisfaction and peace within myself.

I Wonder if you, by any chance, remember my name and my face.

I Regret nothing.

I Love the summer time.

I Always daydream.

I Usually drown myself in music while on the way to work.

I Am Not shy (contrary to popular belief).

I Dance to Phoenix.

I Sing to Bon Iver.

I Rarely sleep late or sleep in.

I Cry during cheesy romantic chick flicks (sometimes).

I Am Not Always quiet. On the contrary, I am loud and obnoxious and silly at home.

I Lose touch with reality sometimes.

I'm Confused about your motives.

I Need not to worry.

I Should talk to you.

I Dream about nothing and everything.

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