Friday, June 10, 2011


- $$$
- Eating lunch outside practically everyday results in me having a watch tan line.... and yet still have pale blinding legs.
- Why is it so hard to dress for work? Casual office attire shouldn't be this difficult.
- Remember Offred in the Republic of Gilead with the Commander and Moira and the Marthas? Hahaha. Grade 11 English flashback.
- I can't stress this enough or maybe I just need to remind myself constantly: I am happy. Happy. That's all that matters. Suck on that bitches.
- That awkward moment when you help a former friend over the phone at work and still manage to be nice to them although they were an ignorant mother fucker to you a year ago. Well then again, I wouldn't be any different in person. I guess I should get used to it 'cause you'll be seeing plenty of me and I'll unfortunately will see the both of you.

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