Wednesday, February 9, 2011


- A random guy in the hall said good morning to me. Haha, amazing. I swear no one pays attention to you on campus. THANK YOU :)
- Chitchats and laughs and complaints about the 11 being late and bus rides avec Chloé.
- Unexpected guest! Matthieu, the alcoholic, southern, stupid american. Haha. MADE MY DAY.
- I ALMOST lost my favourite beanie. Thank goodness I realized that it was missing.
- Interview this Saturday. Soon to be a summer working money $ maker.
- Deleting old e-mails from old friends. As in, the ones I no longer talk to. No longer.

Test tomorrow, paper and presentation on Monday, paper next Thursday.
Guess who's got a date with the reference library on Friday? YEEE YOU'RE LOOKING AT HER.

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