Wednesday, November 3, 2010

stable and breakable

Amidst assignments and due dates and exams and tests and essay-and-presentation-that-need-to-be-started-asap-before-march, I don't seem to have the time to even think anymore. Even when I am doing nothing, like on the bus rides from and to class, all I think about is homework. My mind has prioritized all this shit that are important, at least I think they are but sometimes I don't want to think about SCHOOL WORK.

I used to think and ponder about random shit when I had the time. This feels like forever ago that I last did so. My world has been eaten up by a sea of school work and piling assignments. I miss when my mind wasn't filled up to the brim with work.

When I'm not doing shit, just to take a short break, I think of shit I have to do next. I feel like I'm wasting my time.


Let's do this. Bring it on, bitch.

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