Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 18 – My favourite birthday

would be 10th birthday.

It was bittersweet because it was not only a celebration but a departure and farewell. I received the news a couple of weeks prior to our departure that I would be leaving what I called home, Mauritius, my beautiful little island, forever. When my circle of friends and classmates were aware, we suddenly became closer. I remember my friend, Aurélie, brought this kitten we found in the schoolyard to the party and she kept it. I had a turtle cake.
I miss those types of friendships.
I miss my childhood the most and my grandparents' house.
I loved that house so much and that day and the people I was with. It was great.

Two weeks or so later, we jetted off to Europe. First stop: Paris, France.
Afterwards, we headed to different parts of France to visit some family.
Then, we went to Vienna, Austria, for a week or so.

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