Friday, October 2, 2009

Too bad

Not even a "Hey, how's it going?". And never had a chance to say, "I'm good, thanks. What are you up to now?"
Small talk would've been nice.

But that's okay. It was still nice to see you again.


I walked in the pouring rain today.
There is absolutely no point in using an umbrella when the wind can ultimately break it.
I was impatient waiting for the first bus to come.
So I walked. And I got to my second stop, a block away, before the bus.
That five minute walk did me some good.

And isn't it amazing how sometimes you have your iPod on shuffle and the perfect song comes on for the scenario you're in. Like the perfect fitted blazer. Or the dress that slips right on like a glove. And how your jeans are extra loose, the way boyfriend jeans are supposed to fit. Milk and cookies. Pen and paper. That kind of perfection.

My point is: Thunder by Boys Like Girls came on and I was like, hellll yeeeahhhhh. No f-ing way. And in that moment I was happy even though the song was sort of sad and the weather was depressingly grey and the rain was cold.
But I was still happy.
Happy as a clam.

Because it fit.

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