Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am an assignment, a photography portfolio, a dissertation, a long article, two exams away from (temporary) freedom.
My computer class is driving me kind of nuts. I am praying to magically find a solution to that positioning conundrum with CSS with my logic because it's a logic course. WHY.
I have already planned out the dissertation. So all I really have to do is put the pieces together accordingly, include the footnotes and the bibliography. I'm done the introduction though.
I wrote the introduction to the long article... which by the way, has to be approximately 1700 words. I'm actually excited to write that piece, for some known and unknown reasons.
I can't wait to finish that CSS exam. Let's not exclude EXCEL altogether, shall we please? I hate it with a passion. Can I also pass it with a 100? I did receive 99% on the midterm. Can we excel in this one as well? (See what I did there... SYLLEPSE!! I did learn shizz this semester in my figures de style class. Haha.)
My French intro to literature exam is tomorrow. I'm well prepared. I am quite content with my marks so far. Ain't nothing to worry 'bout.
Aside from school, I have to go to Keele one of these days to attend that exchange information session.
I have to go Christmas shopping which I suppose should contribute to my workout. (I need to get back into working out.)

I am impatiently waiting:
to finally relax, which involves drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies and/or W Movies.
go out with friends. Delicious sangria and chitchats please?
for Christmas Eve and Christmas day!
for New York City with my all around lovely fellow fashion enthusiast.

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