Thursday, April 21, 2011

I wish...

- that I was accepted in the program I seriously died, in order to get in. (4 hours of my life gone...)
- that work would call already and let me know about my schedule.
- that school didn't finish so early. I miss doing SOMETHING with my life.
- that I was in Mauritius. Basking in the sun, in the warm, in family bonding, in dirty sidewalks, in polluted air, in people infested streets, in the bazaar, in the flea markets, in delicious food by the street, in buying from street vendors, in my grandpa's snack bar, in the Indian Ocean, in the sand, in simplicity.
I want to go back and visit. If I had the money, I would have definitely gone with my dad.
- that Bon Iver would come to Toronto for a show very soon so I could go with my sister and we could BASK in his beautiful music together.
- that last summer would come back to me.

In other random news, I watched Oprah yesterday. Love.
My hair has gotten lighter. Probably the citrus shampoo I've been using. Lemons make hair lighter, did'ya know?!
I bought a Spring men's jacket from UO for a whopping $9.99. It was $100. Ja right.

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