Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in bullets

- Lost touch with a few people
- Realized that the only people you can definitely rely on, for life, are your family and ultimately yourself
- Bonds with childhood friends are stronger than any other friendships
- Realized that friends who are miles away or a continent away make the time to stay in touch.
- New beginnings are the best
- Dyed my hair three shades lighter, meaning brown
- Then dyed it blueberry black months later and as per usual, the colour faded within a couple shampoos. Note to self: DON'T DO IT AGAIN.
- Suddenly found an admiration for rabbits like people have for dogs. It started out with Youtube videos. And then finally caved in and we bought a holland lop rabbit named Bunbun, She's three years old, almost four and she's cute and fat and furry. I was never an animal person. I had a dog when I was little but that was it. I didn't clean after it. But with this rabbit, it's like an episode of Dirty Jobs from Animal Planet. Cleaning her litter box and her cage and brushing her fur and taking her out to play and walking her and feeding her.
- Couldn't wait to get the fuck out of high school. HONESTLY.
- Graduated high school and promised myself that I wouldn't go back there again. (Sounds awful right? It's not like I hated my high school, I don't know why. I'm the kind of person that likes to move on to other things. But if my T.A. was still there, I would have definitely visited.)
- Became more outgoing in terms of speaking to other people. Perhaps even a little less socially awkward.
- Began a year in university and for the first time in 8 years, started a curriculum in French. I missed talking French every single day. Now I have the chance to do that. And not only speak it but being surrounded by it is amazing. Hearing French. Seeing French. Writing French. Reading French.
- Realized that my back-up plan was impossible. I ended up choosing translation over teaching. It might be a boring job, but I wouldn't be able to handle children in herds.
- Realized that my dream job: working for an editing house. Perhaps translating books to French? Or editing French pieces.
- Remained single yet again.
- Had the best summer of my entire 18 years of living.
- Had my first summer in our new house.
- I was chlorine infested. My pores were releasing chlorine. My hair was filthy chlorine and basically lived in my pool everyday during the summer.
- Finally received my Macbook.
- Met great people in university.
- Had the best Christmas ever. And Christmas break.
- Fell in love with philosophy yet again.

And the first thing I plan to do in 2011? Attempt to dye my hair tips an auburn brown, ombre-style according to Shenae Grimes pictures when she had darker hair.
It's a tradition. I dye my hair for every New Year.

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