Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just 'cause

I thought I should do this 'cause I have nothing better to do. Actually I do but that's besides the point.

A guy who is as tall as John O'Callaghan and as good looking as him or Rafi Gavron. Who has hair similar to John or hardly any hair at all like Rafi Gavron. I want a guy who's taller than me so when I wear heels I'm not a giant next to him. A guy who can accept my unusual habits and not laugh at them or me. Who is willing to learn Creole (broken French) so he can somewhat communicate with my extended family. Haha. A guy who will love Mauritian food. A guy who will sing with me or to me. A guy who will write me long e-mails or letters instead of short texts. But who will still send me texts that are short and sweet. A guy who has swagger like Rafi Gavron. Naw mean?! A guy who will let me blast Butch (motha fucking) Walker whenever I feel like it and sing along with me to "GET DOWN". A guy who will watch cheesy chick flicks and romantic comedies even though we both know how the ending will be. A guy who can look good even with a little bit of scruff like Nathaniel Swokowski. A guy who will NEVER grow a moustache like Nathaniel Swokowski. Ahaha. A guy who can make me laugh like Dan Levy on The After Show. A guy who can dress as well as Dan or like Bug (Rafi Gavron) on Life Unexpected.

Cute-funny like Justin Long.

But honestly, I just want Rafi Gavron.

The end.

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