Sunday, June 13, 2010


I remember this.

C: What do you tell people now when they ask you where you're from?
Me: I tell them, "Mauritius. It's a small island near Madagascar".
C: And they still don't get it right?
Me: Hahah. Yeah they don't. "Madagascar? Like the movie?! IT'S AN ACTUAL COUNTRY!"
Me: Or they're just like, "Where is that?" Then I say, "It's in the Indian Ocean". Still don't get it.
C: I just tell them that I'm from Africa.
Me: Does that work?
C: Somewhat... but sometimes they're like, "YOU'RE FROM AFRICA?! SO YOU'RE AFRICAN?!"
Me: Hahah. I think we should just give up.
C: Yeah. Just tell them that we're from Africa. It's just easier that way.
Me: Deal.

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