Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day off

I realize I'll only be at school 3 days out of 4 this week considering the day off this Friday. So, I took a day off today stayed home with Papa and the sick sister.

French debate yesterday was intense, hard, but we managed.... to lose. I honestly believe we did an awesome job, we actually tried. I started to convince myself that our team was right. All in the head, yo.


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GUESS WHAT? Yesterday I succeeded at French braiding my bangs as a full-on headband, L.C. style. I was super excited, you have no idea.
My hair is tied in a bun, my bangs are French braided. I'm liking this look. An excuse for not washing your dirty hair but still look fresh. Haha.

I know it's growing, but it's taking so long. Like, you know it has grown but not enough to fulfill your satisfaction.
My last haircut was a dee-ZASS-ter. I've got haircutting phobia now.
I'll be content once it reaches above the boobage area. And even more so, if it reaches below. Ha!
Maybe in three months? You better grow fast, hair. I want you to look decent for prom. So I can dye you two or three shades lighter.
It took the whole summer, plus September to grow out (nicely).
The last and only time I had long hair was grade 7.



Getting these babies as a house-warming gift. I'll be using them as slippers :)

Off to do or try to, this reflexion for Les Religions du Monde.
I'm really not liking this..


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