Tuesday, August 25, 2009

over the summer

my once straight hair naturally turned wavy. it wasn't pinstraight but it was still straight. but i'm liking the change. and i grew out my hair from its awkward/hideous state.
i got inspired, motivated, whatever you want to call it, at j's and wished my usb was with me so i could keep on writing. haha. pathetic.
captured almost every waking moment through a camera lens.
jessi cruickshank, dan j levy, whassupppp!
nicole holness, daryn jones, paul the intern, SHEENA the racist, whassssup. haha. love sheena. "being accepted by people!" haha.
i bought a vintage bike for 35 dollars at a garage sale. i love him. i named him cream soda.
i did lots of bicycle riding and walking.
i lived in my sandals and birkenstocks.
i watched the time traveler's wife and was not disappointed at all.
i watched the goods and found it to be short but funny. "nobody told me that making love was so..... boring." "STOP IT. HE'S TEN!" hahah.
i took a swim in a nasty looking, sepia coloured, dirty lake in over 30-degree weather. it was hot as hell.
i searched for the backpack back and forth and at last, found it at a decent price. except the storeowner wouldn't let me pay with no tax which was a bit of a disappointment.
i tasted pie from wanda's pie in the sky at kensington. it wasn't the best pie. i hate sour cherries. and never get frozen yogurt from blue banana. dégueux.
i had the greatest two weeks with my best friend.

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