Thursday, August 16, 2012

Osheaga 2012

I probably had the time of my life. What was the most epic moment? I think Passion Pit will take it home. It was raining so hard while they were performing and suddenly, the skies parted and Mr Sun appeared!!!! IT WAS AMAZING. The energy at every set I attended was INSANE. I enjoyed James Vincent McMorrow aka my future husband aka the cutest bearded man with an angelic voice. His stage was suited for him! Scène des arbres. Imagine trees surrounding you and HIM singing. Can it get any better than that? I loved every single minute of his performance. The closing song was so fucking lovely. "We don't eat" and it was sunny then!!!
Until we headed to scène des montagnes... and then the rain poured hard again. We were all swimming in it. I had never felt more free in my life though. I hated it for the first couple of minutes, until I realized how silly it was. I love the rain. And having a little or a lot of it falling on you does not hurt.. unless there's thunder and lightning, then maybe you should be scared.
As you can guess, by this time in the day, at around 9:30pm, I smelled horrible. I had to head to the McGill new residence to pick up my stuff and change in their public washroom. Buy some St-Hubert (MIAM MIAM!!) and look for the Megabus station all by my lonesome. A night in the life of a hobo. Seriously. The ride back to Toronto was less terrible considering how tired I was. But it was so uncomfortable. I wanted to shower so I could smell good again... Hahahaha. I arrived at the downtown station at around 7:00am the following day (Monday August 6). Once I got home at 8:15am-ish, I took a shower and watched television. We waited for time to pass by to catch the plane. Goodness that flew by fast.
Brutal flight. I slept from TO to Paris. But Paris to Mauritius was long!!! It seemed long. It felt long. It was long.

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