Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I have been doing lately:

  • waking up before 7am – when I could clearly be sleeping until much later – to head to campus and do homework. (I must admit that this tactic has been working quite perfectly).
  • watching a lot of Sex and The City reruns. GUILTY!
  • drowning in assignments. Three weeks to go!!!! LET'S DOOOO THIS!
  • finding myself falling asleep in class... why am I so tired? I can't be. I shouldn't be. Other people have it worst than me.
  • listening to I Can't Make You Love Me, the Bon Iver cover, on repeat. His version makes me want to cry.
  • also listening to a lot of T. Mills. T MILL-I-ON! I freakishly find him attractive. I don't know...
  • wearing variations of the same thing.
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