Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Short story telling in front of the entire French class was not as horrible as I convinced myself it would be. Given the circumstances that I am surrounded by talented and well educated francophones, I am undoubtedly entitled to feel insecure and intimidated. However, they actually liked my nouvelle qui est plutôt "gore". I did not realized how gore it was upon receiving their feedback. Well, the main character was batshit schizophrenic crazy who cut herself regularly because the voice said to and then ripped her son's face to shreds thinking that the devil was eating him away. Lots of vomiting, unpleasant smell provoking and blood.

Also, I did recite the story with the correct intonation and feeling which portrayed appropriately the narrator's anxiety issues.

And of course, when the rather cute and intelligent French boys compliment you on your work, you can't help but gush and feel so freaking proud of yourself. Let's face it, that's all that really mattered.
I'm only half-lying.

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