Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Monday

I spent the day finishing my "Analyse courte no.1" all whilst listening to Coldplay and Colbie Caillat records on repeat.
I realize that I am listening to too much Colbie. Who doesn't love a good ukelele, pop, feel-good tune about falling in love and boys and past/current relationships and shit?
Some people like Taylor Swift. And others prefer Colbie (which would be me, by the way).

Besides "Bubbly", I quite like: "All of You, "You Got Me", "What If" (so fitting right now...), "I Won't", "The Little Things", "Droplets", amongst various others...
This is embarrassing.

While people will bask in a week free of classes and commuting to and from the campus, I will be working on campus. I can't complain though... $$$
I want sky-high all-black leather booties.

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